Barbarians These will be the first type of enemy you come across. http://www.merchlackey.com/thebehemoth/images/figurines/barbarian_detail1.jpg These guys are weak, and will give you no problems.

Barbarian Thug These are slightly larger barbarians. You wont have to fight against them unless another player plays as a barbarian and uses a sandwich during the arena fights or fighting for the princess (No image available yet) These take slightly more damage, but the sandwich wears off in 10 seconds. Possibly a enemy while fighting the flying dark knight.

Barbarian Boss This is the first boss you come up against. He is pretty weak, and his moves are predictable. http://castlecrashers.neoseeker.com/w/i/castlecrashers/b/bb/BarbarianBoss.png

This is a link to the guide, where it details tips for this battle http://castlecrashers.neoseeker.com/wiki/Barbarian%20Boss

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