TypeWeapon, Tool
EffectsDigs up items

[edit] Background

The shovel can be used to dig into those strange black "x" you may or may not have seen.

[edit] Location

The shovel is an item found after the pirate ship level, It's nearly impossible to miss because it is stuck in a sand castle in the beginning of the level.

[edit] Additional information

  • There is currently an unresolved glitch with the shovel that makes you deal damage if an enemy is near, Although this is not recommended it is rather humorous to hit a thief or a barbarian in the head with a classic shovel.
  • The shovel is also how you get the Giraffe animal orb.
  • The Animal Orb Mr. Buddy that allows characters to dig faster.
  • The Animal Orb Pazzo allows Characters to find buried items with great ease. When a buried item is on screen, Pazzo will hover over the buried item. Digging that spot up will result in finding a buried item there.

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