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Magic TypeTornado
Is PlayableYes


[edit] Background

Saracen is an enemy that fights to protect the Desert and Sand Castle.

[edit] Playing Against

[edit] Magic

  • Splash Attack: It really isn't a "Splash Attack" but when you do this magic the Saracen will spin in a tornado around the screen and damage people it hits.
  • Projectile: Five Sandy gusts of wind of set out in front of the Saracen. If it hits the enemy, it knocks them into the air and hurts them when they fall to the ground.
  • Air Projectile: Xbox: [RT, A + Y OR B] PS3: [R2 + triangle or circle]:
  • Magic Jump: Xbox:[RT + A] PS3: [R2 + X]: Leaps up with a dust effect that damages overlapped enemies.

[edit] How to unlock

Successfully complete Castle Crashers with the Royal Guard.

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