Stages InWizard Castle Interior
Magic TypeN/A
Is PlayableNo


[edit] Background

The Painter is one of the four last bosses, but little is known about him. Except that he seems to be a joke character.

[edit] Attacks

All he really does is draw paintings and they attack you, but they aren't that strong.

[edit] Guide

[edit] Other Information

The Painter actually is the character that has the most quotes, and some of the stuff he says and paints are jokes.

His quotes are:

   * "I'm in your Castle"
   * "My art will be your demise"
   * "My Brush is mightier than your Sword"
   * "I will Paint you into a corner"
   * "It must have been something I ate"
   * "Abort!"
   * "Help!"
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