Orange Knight

Orange Knight
Stages InAll of them
WeaponsBattle Axe
Magic TypeFire
Is PlayableYes


[edit] Background

Orange Knight is a playable character in Castle Crashers. And he is one of 4 main Knights.

[edit] Magic

  • Splash Attack: A flame shoots forward and knocks enemies over and lights them on fire (which burns them). Range is added when the magic is upgraded.
  • Projectile: A ball of fire is thrown.
  • Air Projectile: Xbox: [RT, A + Y OR B] PS3: [R2 + triangle or circle]: Shoots a horizontal or downward angled flame.
  • Magic Jump: Xbox:[RT + A] PS3: [R2 + ?]: Leaps up with yellow flame with black smoke billowing out below, lighting enemies on fire.

[edit] How to unlock

Orange Knight is available for play at the start of the game.

[edit] More Information

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