Stages InWizard Castle Interior
WeaponsEvil Sword
Magic Type?
Is PlayableYes


[edit] Background

The Necromancer is like the Evil Wizard's sidekick and most highly ranked and loyal knight. He is only responsible for all the Skeleton's roaming the land.

[edit] Attacks

The Necromancer sends out 2 waves of enemies while flying in the air(He cannot be damaged at this time). After you defeat the waves, he will come down and take you on directly. He either tries to melee you or use a magic spell(Kaikamese Skeleton).

[edit] Guide

Use the most basic combos to take out the first wave. Such as the common A,Y,X,X,X,Y,X,X,X and so on. The other combo is X,X,X,Y,Y,X,X,X,Y and repeat. This combo can go on forever plus will do heavy damage on the 4th attack. Repeat on the second wave. Note how the beefy enemies will throw you if you are doing a combo. Take them out first with splash attacks or arrows. When the necromancer comes down, use magic or ranged attacks. It is not ideal to use melee though the knockback will help. When the necromancer dies, he will fly up the stage and out the screen. The arrow will point to keep going, but dont be fooled. About a half a second later he will drop the evil sword.

[edit] Magic

Splash Attack: Summons hands from the dead rise from the ground hitting the opponent. Projectile: Shoots a skeleton that explodes on contact. Magic Jump: Jumps with an exploding skeleton. Damages close enemies.

[edit] How to unlock

Xbox: You have to buy the "Necromantic Pack DLC".

PS3/PC: Complete the "Industrial Castle" on Insane Mode

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