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WeaponsKing's Mace
Magic TypeHealing
Is PlayableYes


[edit] Background

King is a playable character in Castle Crashers. He is the King of the Castle Crashers world, and is the caretaker of the four princesses.

[edit] Magic

  • Splash Attack: A magical cloud surrounds the King as it heals him and his party.
  • Projectile: The King throws a golden knife at a target/enemy.
  • Air Projectile: Xbox: [RT, A + Y OR B] PS3: [R2 + triangle or circle]: Shoots a horizontal or downward angled golden knife.
  • Magic Jump: Xbox:[RT + A] PS3: [R2 + ?]: A puffy white cloud appears under the King as he jumps.

[edit] How to unlock

Xbox: Released as DLC in the King Pack for Xbox360.

PS3: Unlocked in the PS3 version by defeating the giant bat Pipistrello Boss on Insane Difficulty.

[edit] More Information

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