Evil Wizard

Evil Wizard
Stages InWizard Castle Interior
WeaponsPractice Foil, Flaming Sword
Magic Type?
Is PlayableNo

[edit] Background

The Evil Wizard is responsible for kidnapping the four Princesses and the theft of the Magical Crystal.

[edit] Attacks

The Evil wizard will first attack you will floating crystals while sitting on his throne. The crystals will spin then glow and flash. Then they will charge at the ground near you. About a few seconds later they will go back up and repeat. After you destroy the crystals the Evil wizard will come down and attack you with spells. When he has a blue forcefield he may be hit only by splash attacks and will attack you with the projectile spell. Later he will change it to red. Then you may only attack him with basic attacks(Melee, arrow, horn, boomerang, etc). He will use the splash attack spell. He will keep alternating between these two until you kill him. Then he will turn into a balloon. He will fly up and drop white bombs that explode into projectiles. Then a chest will fall on him, signaling to the player that they have beat him. When you claim your prize, instead of gold, the Evil wizard will come out as a giant spider. He will make 2 cult minions and attack you with his claws. Once he dies then he will turn back into a balloon and will be a little higher. After that he will summon his demon sword and fight you with these attacks:melee, he jumps up and makes fireballs come down, fire twirl, and fire blast. After you kill him finaly, he will drop his sword. The player will have 3-5 seconds to pick it up before the stage blows up.

[edit] Guide

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