Stages InIndustrial Castle (Beefy), Necromancer Battle (Beefy)
WeaponsDual Prong Sword
Magic TypeEarth
Is PlayableYes

Brute is a playable character in Castle Crashers. You see him only as a Beefy throughout the game. Once in the Industrial Castle holding the Cardinal just before the boss battle and in the Necromancer Battle. He is in the second wave of undead enemies.

[edit] Starting Weapon

His starting weapon is called the Dual Prong Sword. It is a very strong sword that has +3 Strength and +3 Defense. It also has a 1% Critical.

[edit] Magic Information

  • Splash Attack [RT + Y]: Thorns raise from the ground. Same magic as Snakey.
  • Projectile [RT + B]: Shoots an acorn.
  • Air Projectile Xbox: [A, RT + Y OR B] PS3 [R2 + triangle or circle]: Shoots a horizontal or downward angled acorn.
  • Magic Jump :[RT + A] PS3: [R2 + X]:: Leaps into the air with a spring-like root that damages adjacent enemies. Just like Snakey.

[edit] How To Unlock

Successfully complete Castle Crashers with the Iceskimo.

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