Barbarian Boss

Barbarian Boss
Stages InBarbarian Boss Battle
Magic TypeN/A
Is PlayableNo

[edit] Guide

Crealkllr's guide: The trick to this boss is simple: predict his moves. Once the battle starts, either run up to him and attack or stay back and use magic / arrows. If your facing this boss for the first time, your magic and arrows wont be much help, but if your replaying this boss with some levels under your belt, he goes down very fast.

He has 4 moves:

He will wind up an arm and punch you. This move is easily dodged going up or down (out of the row the boss is in) or you can just block (on ps3 its L2). This move is really slow and once you see his attack hit your shield, your cleared for a few seconds to get some good combos in.

He will turn his back to you and shoot spikes. This is, again, an easy attack to predict and easily dodged. The sign he will do this is he will turn his back, which is sheilded so you wont do damage to his back. He will then shoot out long spikes, which retract back into his back. Again you can dodge this by moving up or down, or blocking with your shiled. This attack is again slow, so you shouldnt have trouble blocking it.

He will raise the shield on his back above his head, and slam it down in front of him. This attack is easy to predict and easy to dodge. Once you see him raise a slab (what i think is his sheild) above his head, move up or down (or back) to dodge this. You cannot block this attack with your shield. This attack will hit you into the ground (note that while in the ground, your safe from damage, and to get out of the ground you wiggle out). This attack, although faster than the previous two moves, is still slow and afterwards he is open to attacks. If a team mate is in the ground, this boss will laugh and point, giving you even more time to get hits in.

Last attack he will do is drink some potion and burp fire. He will usually turn his back to you and have a water bottle in his hand, and drink. This is easy to predict, because as soon as you see this, move out of that row. His burp will propell him backwards, toward you. You cannot block this attack, so moving is the best option.

NOTES: He wont use higher attacks till he loses a certain amount of health. He will also speed up, moving faster at certain points of his health dropping. He will have minions come in to help him. These enemies drop health, so if your low on health, just run and kill his minions. Because he is the first boss, he is very easy. Even if you get hit many times, you will be able to survive and defeat this boss.

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The trick to this boss is simple. Don't use magic, seeing as it will be doing so little damage at this stage in the game. Using only melee will also get you the achievement 'Melee is best'. To defeat this boss position yourself bellow him then jump and melee him while moving back and forth, the boss will move with you and he'll have little time to retaliate. After every attack you should drop in height, when you land just jump back up and repeat. Through out the fight he will try to hit you with four different attacks, two of which you can block. His most basic attack is a punch, this attack you can block. The other block-able attack is when he pull the spike wall out in from of him and shoot out the spikes, when using this attack he will be invulnerable in the front leaving his back unprotected. The two attack which you can not block his when he slam the spike wall on his back down in front of him, once the boss health reach bellow half he'll pull out his last attack. When you see him start drinking from a canteen you will want to move either up or down, depending on his current position, to dodge this attack. If you find yourself low on health just back away from the boss and go after the Barbarians as they will sometime drop food when defeated.

[edit] Farming

Many people who play Castle Crashers will regularly farm the Barbarian Boss, as it is such an easy boss after you've leveled up, and raised your stats. Meaning, it will only take about 10 or less hits to kill him and be rewarded any where from 100-150 gold per run.

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