Alien Hominid
Stages InDesert, Alien Ship, Necromancer Battle
WeaponsRay Gun
Magic TypeAlien
Is PlayableYes

Alien is a playable character in Castle Crashers. You see the Alien while in the Desert. You first fight 2 space ships that drop aliens down to fight you. And then once you get abducted, you fight a wave of them to escape.

[edit] Magic

  • Splash Attack: Shoots a giant bullet from his ray gun. It also does fire damage.
  • Projectile: Shoots a tiny bullet from his ray gun.
  • Air Projectile [RT, A + Y OR B] (PS3 [R2 + triangle or circle]): Shoots a horizontal or downward angled burst from his ray gun
  • Magic Jump [RT + A] (PS3 [R2 + ?]): A beam of light shines on the alien and makes him jump higher.

[edit] How to unlock

Xbox: Alien is automatically unlocked upon purchasing and gaining an achievement in the Xbox Live Arcade game, Alien Hominid HD.

PS3: On the PS3 version all you have to do is complete the level Alien Ship. After you beat that level you should have the Alien whenever you die or get past the desert.

[edit] More Information

  • He cannot change weapons.
  • The Ray Gun is unlocked after going to Home Castle.

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